Eyelid Surgery

Eye Lid Surgery Wichita, KS

The ophthalmologists of Vision Surgery Consultants treat certain eyelid conditions with eyelid surgery to improve visual function and ocular health. Droopy eyelids are a common condition. They are often the result of excess upper eyelid tissue, or the loosening of muscular attachments that elevate the upper eyelid. Droopy eyelids can lead to the constriction of the visual field, which causes vision problems.

With eyelid surgery, the excess skin can be removed or the muscular attachments tightened to improve the upper eyelid position and peripheral vision. Our eye surgeons also perform procedures for entropian (inward turning) and ectropian (outward turning) of the eyelids, as well as the removal of eyelid lesions and masses.

For more information about eye lid surgery, please schedule an evaluation with one of the eye surgeons of Vision Surgery Consultants.